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What is so special about MI6Events?

Our events are erotic, decadent and secret. Participation in these events will only allow personalities as Ladies & Gentlemen designate or work to which to be. Due to the nature of our events which are generally only for adults over 21 years. In general, the gentlemen are all experienced and mature in their field, while the ladies enjoy the fruits of maturity to the fullest. We hold not only exclusive events. For your company, for birthdays and other special events we organize the right event. Starting with the rental of the location, the catering and the exclusive surprise deposits we are responsible.
Aktuelle Events:

19.06. Jäger und Gejagte | Finde mich und ich gehöre Dir
3 Tage Luxusyacht im Mittelmeer 04.09.-06.09.15
3 Tage Luxusyacht im Mittelmeer 18.09.-20.09.15
12.09. Fantasie Island, ein Traum wird wahr, Erotik neu definiert.
25.09. Luxusevent FRA - CEQ
31.10. Halloween, die hässlichste Nacht in Frankfurt